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Texas Holdem, Omaha, and many others, as long as its a poker game then you are in a poker room. For this reason the types of poker rooms could be:

  • In a Live Casino
  • On your Computer Playing Online
  • In your Basement Games Room
  • Any Building with Tables and Chairs designed for a Poker Event

This is my poker room pal! Texas holdem Poker no limit or else!

We don’t play the funny stuff in here!

Types of Poker Tournaments

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Types of Poker Tournaments and and Rooms Online: 

What is a Poker Room?

The Pokerhands.poker definition of a poker room  is one that is specially set aside anywhere at any time where the focus is clearly defined for the playing of Poker Games.

What is a Poker Room Tournament

A poker room tournament is simply a type of tournament where players compete among themselves by playing poker. The tournament can be played by two persons on a single table referred to as a “heads-up” tournament, and can also equally be played by tens of thousands of people on hundreds of tables set up in a poker room.

To qualify for the tournament, a poker player has to pay a fixed buy-in which gives him a certain amount of poker chips at the start of the poker tournament. To be declared the winner, a player must win every poker chip in the game while the other players are given position based on their elimination time.

Usually, the starting amount of tournament chips of an entrant is an integer multiple of the buy-in. There’s an option of re-buy or buy-back in some tournament which allows players to purchase more chips.

While re-buys are conditional in some cases, it is also open to all as well in some tournament. On the conditional basis, it is offered to players low on or when out of chips, and when open all it is called add-ons. On exhaustion of chips, a player is eliminated from the tournament.

In ranking, players are ranked chronologically—the last player gets the first place, followed by the second to the last who makes the second place, and so on.

The ranking by elimination method exempts the likelihood of a tie for first place, due to the fact that it is only a single player that must possess all the chips in order to finish the tournament.

In some instances, the tournament ends with mutual consensus among the remaining players(in most cases two players) who would like to share the prize instead of one losing if the game actually continues.

There are various tournaments to choose from There are multiple tournament formats when it comes to poker games online and some have even evolved to speed formats where by you can fold instantly and be whisked away to a new table with different players instantly.


Bovada USA Has Many Types of Poker Tournaments


Types of Poker Room Tournaments? Which ones should you play?

Well that is entirely up to you. The best advice is to try them all at lower limits to see which ones you are good at at which ones you may prefer over the others.

Lower stakes to begin with allow you to feel out the various game formats of poker online tournament play without the risk of losing big buy ins until your comfortable with the format.


Types of Poker Tournaments Available in Online Poker Rooms:

Bounties Poker Tournament Elimination 

In this type of poker tournament room, a player is rewarded with a bounty on knocking out a specific or pre-determined number of players from the competition.

Bounties are quite fun and interesting since they allow players to win cash even without finishing in the money, you can get paid only for the elimination of player(s) with a bounty on their heads in addition to placing int the tournament.


Freeroll Tournament Poker Type

This tournament seems to be the most sought after and attractive event at online poker sites, owing to its uniqueness and flexibility.

It demands no entry fee or making an initial investing; thus making it an attractive one especially to first timers who can build up their bankrolls even without an initial deposit. Play in as many free rolls as you can and earn real money to build up your bankroll.

Most if not all poker rooms offer freeroll poker games. All You do is join up and then once inside the online poker room just choose between free money and real money play its that simple.

You will find the ability to join free or real money games right on the home page of the poker room site.


Freeze Out Poker Tournament Type

This tournament poker room type run by top poker sites is unique in its own way, in that, players make a single buy in and are thus eliminated after losing all their chips.

The elimination goes on till the elimination of all the players is complete, and tables get smaller and are combined with other tables.

No re buys are allowed, that’s why when you are knocked out you are frozen out which is just a term for not being able to get back in by re buying,

This caters to players who hate the donks that continually go all in and play bingo style of poker trying to double up quick knowing they can re buy, which you cannot do in a freeze out. So play your hands carefully and only go all in with the best of it.


Shoot-out Tournament Poker Types

This is fun for those who hate getting bounced from table to table in online poker games just as they are getting reads on their opponents playing styles and hand ranges.

Unlike regular types of poker tournaments where tables are constantly adjusted as people drop out, in a shoot out the table plays down to a winner at each individual table. That person who remains last as the winner of that table then moves on to play the winners of the other tables.

You can therefore get reads on players and also play like a sit n go while at the same time being in a mtt style tournament. Like 2 styles in one. If you haven’t tried a shoot out tournament you definitely should especially if your a good sit n go player. This might be the next best kind of game for you to win at.

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Double or Nothing A Favorite Type of Poker Tournament

This a a fairly new within the last several years type of tournament that is a sit n go where half the people double up in their prize money. 10 players enter and 5 cash for example. Same with a 6 person table where only 3 of the six will cash.

Play tends to be a lot tighter in this games so as to cash, or get in the money since your odds are a lot higher than those of a regular sit n go where only 3 of 10 or 2 of 6 people cash.

Of course the pay out is less but the odds of a double up are easier and higher than trying to make it down to the last 2 or 3 players in a regular sit n go.

If your a tight abc poker player then these games may be a right choice for you.

Note: Some poker rooms may offer a slight variance of the game where the double up is in the 50/50 chance of cashing.

However, the poker room designates more allocation of the prize fund to the players remaining based on chip count. So instead of getting a double up in prize money, you may get more or less depending on your chip count when the game ends.


Deep Stack Style of Poker Tournaments for Long Poker Room Sessions

Grab some coffee and settle in for a long ride

A deep stack tournament is one where your chip count is significantly higher than the starting blind structure. Most regular tournaments have stacks set at 1500 2000 or 3000.

Deep Stack Poker Tournament Types are typically 5 000  or  10 000 starting chip stacks in size. Although some will argue that   3 000 or 4 000 starting chips would be classified as deep stack tournaments.

Of course if the blinds start out really low and increase in small increments along with a time structure of 15 – 20 minutes per blind then the case can be made for these chip amounts qualifying as deep stacks.

We tend to think however that the 5000 chip plus up to 10 000 starting stack is the true definition of a deep stack tournament.

These are more of a professional style tournament structure with the deep stack poker tournaments. Allowing for better poker play and starting hand selection by having more time to be patient.

Whereas one has to take more risks with lower percentage hands and smaller pocket pair all ins to double up and stay alive in the lower stack faster blind structures, one can play better premium starting hands in a deep stack type of poker structure.


Types of Poker Room Tournaments Live:

  • WSOP World Series of Poker Live Events

  • WPT World Poker Tour Live Events

Types Of Poker Room Games that are Most Popular:

Types Of Poker Hands in Order Hi to Low:

  • Royal Flush
  • Straight Flush
  • 4 of a kind
  • Full House
  • Flush
  • Straight
  • 3 of a Kind
  • 2 Pair
  • Pair
  • High Card


Conclusion to Types of Poker Tournament Games and Rooms

The Biggest Types of Poker Tournaments in any Poker Room Online tend to be Texas Holdem games. This is then followed by Omaha which is also steadily increasing in popularity and a very fun game you should try and practice.

Put your odds and math skills to better use calculating odds in Omaha on the fly and beat your opponents who are not as well versed in the increased odds of hitting hands in this exciting game.

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