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Poker Players Becoming Overnight Millionaires Winning Tournaments

Poker Players love Live and Online Poker Tournaments because they are getting Rich! Read about some of the biggest ones to achieve fame in the Poker World below.


Poker Players Getting Rich In Poker Tournaments

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Rags to Riches Winning Big Live and Online Poker Tournaments.


Poker Players are Winning Live and Online Poker Tournaments Making Big Money these days.

Poker is a game of chances, aided by some strategic techniques garnered through experience, intensive reading and a lot of exposure to different playing styles. Like every game of chance, it is quite possible in poker for players to “get lucky” and win grand and unexpected prize money.

In fact, the history of poker is filled with such stories- amateur players winning gold bracelets and first prizes in serious poker tournaments like the WSOP and WPT; recreational poker players finishing in the Money and winning cash and how can we forget – Chris Moneymaker.

Moneymaker was the person who beat professional poker players without any considerable prior experience in poker and changed the perception towards poker games and tournaments single handedly and made it immensely popular among common people and amateur players all over the world.

The introduction of grand scale and international poker tournaments and these non poker players making it big against the professionals and more importantly Chris Moneymaker’s victory, commonly referred to as “The Moneymaker Effect”, had a major role in the poker boom of 2003 – 2004.

Here are the stories of 5 such poker players who made it big and became an overnight success.


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Poker Players Winning Big Tournaments: 

Poker Player Tom Dwan

Thomas Dwan Jr., also known by his screen name Durrrr, has the perfect rags to riches story to his credit. Dwan started playing poker when he was just 17 years old. Poker contributed to a major portion of Dwan’s wealth, making him the millionaire poker player and among the most feared poker professional.

He started his journey by participating in SnGs (Sit and Go events) on Full Tilt Poker, after earning sufficient money to purchase buy in for other games, he started participating in cash games and later moved on to heads up games. Soon, Dwan started playing in the high stakes games on Full Tilt Poker and earned more than $312,000 in 2007 at the age of 20! But, that’s not it. Later, in 2008, Dwan won $5.41 million playing high stakes poker games on Full Tilt Poker. He is known for his aggressive playing style that works for high stakes online poker games.

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Poker Player Qui Nguyen

Qui Nguyen was born in born in Vietnam in 1977 and moved to California, US in 2001. He worked in a Nail Salon and began playing poker, participating in small limit, low cash Hold’em games. He later moved to Vegas and began playing No Limit Hold’em in small buy in events and went on to win and cash in many of those events.

Life changed for Ngyuen when he participated in a $1,100 satellite event to win a seat for WSOP. Needless to say, Nguyen won his WSOP satellite entry event in the big game and the rest is history. Ngyuen went on to defeat over 6,000 entrants in the $10,000 buy in No Limit Hold’em event in WSOP 2016 and made his way in to the November Nine.

In an intense and power packed game, Nguyen defeated Cliff Josephy and Gordon Vayo and grabbed the winner’s bracelet for the WSOP 2016 bragging rights along with a cash prize of over $8 million bucks!


Poker Player Benny Chen

Benny Chen is a restaurant manager from Prince Edward Island, Canada. Aside from his regular day job, Chen used to play poker on the side, but never made it big. As luck would have it, Chen went on to win the first ever $1,500 buy in re-entry No Limit Hold’em Event, also called the “Million Maker” in WSOP of 2013.

The event, indeed, made its winner a millionaire. Chen crossed through 6,300 players to win his first ever WSOP gold bracelet and won $1,199,104 in cool hard cash prize money!

The interesting thing in Chens story is he used a re-entry to win! Yes, that’s right. No wonder he thinks to himself  “what if he chose not to re-enter” This thought must have crossed his mind a million times. His story is a true reflection of believing in one’s luck. Had he not re entered he never would have won!


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Poker Player Michael Malm

Michael Malm was born in Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada and is the third Canadian to have made it big in WSOP and won a bracelet. For Malm’s, a door to door newspaper salesman by profession, it was truly a work of destiny because he, for one, didn’t plan on participating in the event in the first place.

Second interesting thing about Malm’s win was, most of the time he has no idea about the detailed strategies or tactics of the games he was playing. He said he in an interview that he only knew the basic strategies of the game and learned from his mistakes and improvised as the game progressed.

His quick learning abilities won Malm his first ever WSOP gold bracelet in the $2,500 Eight Game Mix and brought him $225,104 in prize money in WSOP 2013.


Poker Player Joe Hachem

Joe Hachem was born in Lebanon, his family later moved to Australia when he was 6. Hachem started playing poker around 1995, after he left his previous profession due to a rare blood disorder and participated in local tournament circuits around Melbourne for years.

The real breakthrough for Hachem came when he participated in the Main Event, $10,000 No Limit Hold’em, of WSOP 2005. He smashed over 5000 players and many professionals and went on winning the grand event receiving the prestigious WSOP gold bracelet and about $7.5 million in prize money that year.

Hachem not only became the first Australian to have won the WSOP gold bracelet, he also won the record all time biggest tournament cash prize in poker history making him an overnight success. Hachem is now a respected poker professional and collected a massive amount of wealth through his poker earnings.


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Special mention To Poker Players Average Joe Hero 

Yes, the list started off saying a list of 5 poker players, but any poker rags to riches story or overnight success story is not complete without mentioning this player. A player who not only turned his fate around but also turned  the fate of poker and brought it in to the limelight for millions of players all over the world who never thought of earning big in poker. Yes, we are talking about none other than,

Chris Moneymaker who helped Poker Players Dream Big

Everything about Chris Moneymaker seems right out of the movies.

Including right from the beginning with his parents modifying their German Surname, “Nurmacher” to “Moneymaker”, as if they knew their son was going to make it big one day, to his story of being a boring accountant turned gambler and to his grand victory, while being an amateur player, baffling the poker professionals- words might fall short when we start talking about Chris Moneymaker.

Not that he needs an introduction, but for those of you living under a rock, Chris Moneymaker is the winner of the Main Event of WSOP 2003 winning not only a gold bracelet and $2.5 million but also revolutionizing poker.

He was the first person to win a WSOP main event after qualifying online and brought an overnight stardom upon himself and poker. He inspired people, especially amateur and recreational poker player to leave the confines of their homes and television screens and try their hands at poker.

Moneymaker became an instant poster boy for poker and contributed to the poker sonic boom that was surfacing in 2003. His influence on the game was so huge that the press termed his impact as “The Moneymaker Effect”.


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