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Advice for Serious Online Poker Real Money Players

We will show you where on what sites to make money and all kinds of ways to get started making money with online poker. We will also answer poker related questions here as well. So stay tuned.

Online Poker though its evolution is not as ancient as the live or offline poker version, however, this online method has drastically redefined poker into what it is now.

The convenience and comfort it offers are unparalleled and this has no doubt enticed most people especially the newbies into the game of poker. Nothing is more fun and comforting than sitting on a comfy couch with the  convenience of your laptop travelling around the house with you and having some cool music in the background playing while enjoying the game online.

The best advice however is to play at only the best regulated poker sites online, and you must know the small tricks and things that can push up your roi and building of your bankroll. Read below or check the table of contents for tips, and must have online poker information.

Why Online Poker For Real Money?

Online Poker is simply a Game Played at Sites On the Internet. There are several reasons why to play poker online for money online poker is preferred to the offline method, these include:

  • 24/7 accessibility,
  • speed,
  • varied game selection,
  • lower rake,
  • loyalty programs,
  • no tipping pressure,
  • and the versatility of playing several different tables at a time or multi tabling as its called
  • increase in hourly roi or profit vs 1 table play live

Of course depending on what country you are from and reside in while you play will make a difference to several of these online poker rooms but these are several of the best and biggest. If your from the USA then BetOnline and Ignition are for you. Everywhere else caters to the UK and EU as well as catering to Canada. With some Texas holdem Omaha poker sites available worldwide like 888 Poker and Party Poker.

Play for Free or for Real Money Online Today. Online Poker is a great game, and your missing out on huge opportunities if you don’t play.

Poker Hands

Poker Hands Royal Flush Straight Flush Four of a Kind Full House Flush Straight Three of a Kind Two Pairs One Pair High Hand

Online Poker Hands in order by rank Royal Flush Straight Flush Four of a Kind Full House Flush Straight Three of a Kind Two Pairs One Pair High Hand


Online Poker History

Poker has been an old card game but its inversion to the internet sphere is relatively new. Although free poker online was played in the mid-1990s, however, the pioneer online poker card room to offer real money games was Planet Poker in 1998. The technical problem it had with connection for dial-up internet never allowed it to be developed to the desired level. Although it continued as a major online poker site for a time, but soon after that position was lost to competitors with more sophistication and effective marketing.

Paradise Poker which overtook Planet Poker as the major industry leader in online poker was launched in 1999 out of Costa Rica by three Canadians. They took online poker to the next level through their ad campaigns, exceptional software, security, good customer service and global audience. They also added Seven Card Stud and Omaha to the exciting Texas Hold ‘Em.

In 2000, Dutch Boyd, a renowned poker professional launched Poker Spot. This poker room pioneered the offer of the online tournament. However, the room did not last long as it crashed out in 2001. In 2001, major online poker rooms like Party Poker and PokerStars began operation in the market. Throughout 2001, this three major giant of online poker rooms namely Paradise Poker, Party Poker and PokerStars dominated the market but Paradise Poker was at the front-line.

PartyPoker started offering live tournaments that year and by summer, they hosted a series of tournaments that ended up on a cruise ship which is now known as Partypoker Million cruise. Combining the online component with the offline live version was a best of both worlds and a hit for party poker.


Important Year in Online Poker History

One important year in the history of online texas holdem poker that brought about an explosion in the industry was in 2003 when it was broadcasted on television in the US. This period enabled card cameras to show players’ whole cards and this feat then attracted millions of people throughout the world to the game. PartyPoker and PokerStars took advantage of the broadcast on TV and centered their marketing strategies by way of advertising on the shows and this move paid off greatly to their success.

The Beginning of the WPT on TV Helped by Online Poker

In March 2003, the debuted show of World Poker Tour on Travel Channel became the topmost ratings show in the history of Travel Channel. In the No Limit Hold‘em main event of 2003, there was a record participation of over 800 players which was the highest turnout ever, no doubt the internet play brought this record to light.

The record was soon broken in the World Series of Poker of 2004 when massive participants of about 2600 players competed for the $5 million grand prize. Also in 2005, there was a grand record of 6000 participants in the World Series of Poker.

Poker Stars were born

The champions of both 2003 and 2004 Chris Moneymaker and Greg Raymer were online poker players from PokerStars. The successful stories of the winners especially that of Moneymaker immensely contributed to the incredible popularity and subsequent rise of online poker as people all over the world were now attracted to pursue similar dreams of fortune and fame.

By 2005, Online Poker and Texas Holdem boomed all over the world and the giant online card rooms ruled the roost and generated an estimated $2.4 Billion turnover between them.

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act

However, in 2006, everything changed. A legislation known as The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act which was geared towards protecting the U.S ports from terrorism was put through by President Bush and that made it illegal for banks to have any direct dealings with online poker sites although it didn’t actually make it illegal to play online poker in the U.S. This then resulted in the withdrawal of many online poker sites from the U.S. market. After all banks and money do generally go hand in hand.

Online Poker Defiance

However despite the legislation, some sites particularly PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, and Absolute Poker stood firm against this attempt and continued to accept gamers from U.S which resulted into even more popularity due to the traffic from sites who had banned U.S. players funneling into these sites.

Is Online Poker Legit? Online Poker Scandals

In 2007, the co-founders of Neteller Stephen Lawrence and John Lefebvre were charged with money laundering and further arrested in Manhattan. The result was the pulling out of Neteller from the U.S. market and stopped any gambling related transaction from any player from the U.S. This same year, the online poker community was taken aback by a cheating scandal were a loophole used to see opponents’ hole cards was discovered. Players of Absolute Poker were victims of this scandal and thus became a black eye for the online poker industry at the time.

In 2008, the online poker community discovered the same cheating scandal which the cheats (players from Ultimate bet) were thought to have swindled millions of dollars over a few years. Yup Google who was promoting them at the time. Big Mouth himself.

What is Black Friday? When did it hit Poker Players?

On April 15th, 2011, this day came to be known as Black Friday and still remains fresh in online poker history, the three poker rooms (Absolute, PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker) that defied the U.S legislation were cracked down on for illegal transactions. On May 23rd, 2011, just five weeks later, the U.S poker market experienced another crackdown. 10 more poker online sites were shut down by the Department of Homeland Security. This day was known as “Blue Monday”.

The Launch and History of Full Tilt Poker

In 2012, Full Tilt Poker was re-launched but this time under the ownership of PokerStars.  The State of Nevada also granted a license to Caesars Entertainment to operate an online poker site in Nevada.

Although the American Legislation has limited access to poker sites, this has not stopped the ever growing popularity of online poker as many of the American players have found their way in going about it anyhow. Through Offshore sites and sites that take bitcoin. Alot of online sites now offer PayPal Casino Deposit as a safe secure way of funding their online gambling accounts.

The Future of Online Poker is Picking Back Up

However, the future is expected to be bright as nowadays many states have allowed some levels of online poker activities though still under strict regulations. It is believed that many states will follow this trend in years to come. Nevada, Delaware, New Jersey are all board with onshore poker gambling sites now through sites that they regulate.

Online Poker Strategy

Online Poker Best Sites and Poker Tips, Strategy, and How to Make Money in Online Poker Pin It

An Online Poker Player and his Holdem Playing Style

A poker player is a professional player of poker games.  Every poker player has a playing style and the best way to define a player is to observe their tendencies. Sometimes sitting before opponents for the first time could be very intimidating as some of them wear physical armor such as dark sunglasses, headphones, mesmerizing clothing and low-lying hats. Understanding the weapon (various styles) will help you contend with your opponents. This is one central factor to player’s success.

The Holdem Playing styles are classified into two primary factors namely starting hands (tight vs loose) and betting pattern (aggressive vs passive). The combination of these factors forms four playing styles: tight-passive, tight-aggressive, loose-passive and loose-aggressive.

Poker Player Styles to Learn Tips What To Look For

Tight-Passive (the Rock):

this player plays only few hands, bets rarely and rarely raises. His general style of play can be referred to as “weak-passive”. He is so easy to bluff and will oftentimes fold to scary board cards. Characterized by fear, this player doesn’t take shots because of fear of losing. With this trait, observant players can exploit them so easily. Be careful when a rock is playing hard at you.


Loose-Passive (Calling Station):

this player plays starting hands a lot but bets or raises rarely. The approach of this player is to watch while others do the striking. This group is typically made up of the beginners who are used to just calling and calling. Yup a calling machine. Unlike the tight-passive which can be bluffed, the loose-passive player cannot be bluffed easily due to his calling traits.

However, a player that picks up a fairly strong hand can bet for value and milk them as much as he can knowing they will call. Good when you have a hand already with a draw to an even stronger hand to improve to. Check raise they callers with a good hand and also make sure to bet any hand knowing they will call.

Best to check weak hands to them and not bluff bet weak hands to a calling station. They are usually just chasing hands or hit bottom or mid pair on board and often will luck out with 2 pair on the turn or river. SO they hope. IF they hit the 2 pair or trips they will then turn into a better or re raise you on the river.


Tight-Aggressive (TAG):

often referred to as sharks, this player plays few hands and frequently makes a bet and raise but calls rarely. He is a patient player that waits for the best opportunity to strike.  This player’s tight-aggressive style is always effective irrespective of the betting structure or game variation. Some players avoid clashing with them because they believe the tight-aggressive player have the best hand and with this, they fold easily. These players dump all in with good hands and try to get it all in as soon as possible with good hands.


Loose-Aggressive (LAG):

this player plays many hands, raises and bets frequently. This player is often times difficult to read due to his play in such a large range of hands. His percentage of bluffing is high but the extreme end to his play is maniac because he raises without reason and this tendency of overplaying his hands may lead to profit from him in a long run situation.

Some pros of poker tournaments employ this strategy to great effect. Backing off only when you reraise them or go all in. The inexperienced player should play this strategy as it is a high-risk strategy but one that could pay off . After all it is gambling.

Wonder which playing style is the best? A good strategy of tight-aggressive plays is the best as it brings profit. Also knowing what your opponents style is and playing against it by switching up your play to counteract.

If hes a rock play loose aggressive against him and if hes a calling station switch to rock or tight aggressive playing style against him.


7 Online Poker Texas Holdem Strategy Techniques

In the game of poker, having a strategy is basic to your overall success as a poker player. Being acquainted with the strategies will make you have an edge over other players. Below are some of the strategies of poker.


Increase your Bankroll Slowly:

If you must make money online, or want to make money, then you must be ready to slowly and steadily increase your bankroll. Although some players seem to scare their fellow players and make them throw away their cards by constantly going all in with their hands in the faith of winning all the pots this way, and do have big wins and short term success, however, the slow type players of online poker are those that record more successes over time in the long run.

The players who play with strict strategies increase their bankrolls by playing mathematically strong hands. So it is advisable to play with strong hands as it is rewarding in a long run scenario. Going all in all the time will blow your roll fast.

Find the Best Time Join a Poker Tournament:

The strategy of logging in to play at the quiet times of the day and night is what savvy players do when entering an online tournament. This is because, at such times, the number of opponents in the tournament is relatively low. So to increase your chances of winning or hitting that jackpot in each tournament, endeavor to take part at those quiet times where you’ll have a lesser number of opponents.

Take More Than One Pot: Diversify Your Play

With the availability of several poker variants to all online players, most often those players who want the best opportunity to win more pots will look into different types of poker games where their chances of winning are high.

So sometimes you need to deviate from poker games such as Texas Hold’em and try others such as Omaha Ho/Low or just PLO Omaha which offers chances of winning more than one pot on each game you play. This way, your chances of winning is doubled. Alot of time several people remain in these omaha hands making for huge pots. In addition, multi tabling is another way to boost profit over time as you see way more hands.

Don’t Stew and Monitor over your Balance:

Falling into the trap of regularly checking your balance is easy since this can be done with just a click of the button. However, there is a disadvantage of doing that especially when your balance has not increased substantially.

While one tends to feel good when his account is in an upswing, another whose account is small, holding steady or in a slight decline will feel bad and that may result in forceful play in order to try and gain a larger balance quicker, however, that can be the beginning of self-destruction which may lead to blowing up the account.

Always bear in mind that making money in poker is a slow grind. What happens is impatience then leads to games at a higher states betting range or buy in range which then blows your whole roll quick when bad variance strikes.

Site Hopping: Join Multiple Poker Sites Online

While some players prefer sticking to one poker site, it is necessary to do some poker site hopping in order to get true value from your bankroll, and by so you will be capable of claiming a lot of deposit bonuses that usually accrue to new player of a new site.

You may also be able to claim lots of reload bonuses by moving your online poker action from site to site. Although some of the bonuses cannot be touched, until certain requirements are met, however, some of them can give you a very good source of value for your money. So if you really want to claim those bonuses for yourself, consider opening an account from different poker holdem sites and play with as much of the houses cash as you can.

Using Poker Playing Tools: Tip Get A Hud


Online Poker Tip Best Strategy


There are several types of poker playing tools and aids which aim at providing one with a better understanding of his hand’s strength when faced with an opponent and community cards. Employ the use of Tools that examine the play of your opponents and track their tendencies. This tip cannot be stated enough in importance. All the big money players have the best poker huds. You should too.

Play in all the good freerolls:

You can and use that free money to add boosts to your bankroll and for texas holdem online poker practice or when not fully feeling yourself and not wanting to risk money on a day your not yourself and may be susceptible to tilt play.

So it is necessary and recommended to get your  hands on some of the software programs and then take some time to get used to them by playing free or low stakes games before using them on real money games in order to avoid making any errors while playing and using these software systems.


Online Poker Guide: Tips for Playing Texas Holdem Poker Online

Poker is a game meant to be enjoyed by everyone. This means it is for every category of people, whether big or small women  or men and old or young. With online poker, you don’t even need to go the casino to lay your hands on a good game of poker. There are lots of fish online!

Have you ever thought of playing the game but you don’t seem to know how to go about it? Here are these 8 tips that will help you succeed as a beginner to the world of online poker.

8 Top Online Poker Tips to Win More Money

Start with Low Stakes Poker:

If a beginner, it is advisable you start with lower stakes online. The essence of this is, other than playing solid poker, that the first sessions ought to be an opportunity for you to familiarize yourself with playing online. Worthy to note is that even the players that stake high started with lower stakes.

Move up in stakes according to your bankroll size. This is the same for cash games, sit n goes, and tournaments. Bankroll management strategy is key and I will go into detail later on. For now keep your buy ins at 5 per cent of your bankroll or less for all game types to allow for variance.

Familiarize yourself with the New aspects of playing online or any new Sites if a seasoned veteran:

A novice of online poker should in the first sessions of his playing career familiarize himself with aspects of the game such as the use of the time-bank feature, layout and lobby of the site, features of betting, cashier page, the rack back offers as well as other bonuses.

Taking online poker slowly instead of diving in will help you as a novice to be acquainted with many unique aspects of the online game. The Chat, other players, slow and fast play, people timing out each hand all have affects on you whether you know it or not. They may be trying to tilt you. I will go into that in detail at another time as well.

Play the single table games first:

As a novice, it is better to learn how to consistently win on one table before jumping into multi-tabling. It is a known fact that one of the many benefits of online poker is multi-tabling (playing more than one table at a time) but for the novice, this option should be utilized only after full acquaintance with single table winning play.

Avoid distractions when playing:

Online players unlike their live playing counterpart who sit in a casino are likely to be tempted to fill the time in between hands. Some of the distractions which could cause players to make mistakes while playing may be watching television, phone calls or web surfing.

It is advisable to avoid all distractions when playing because the online poker game does require carefulness and diligence and these are keys towards becoming a great and successful player. Look at how the players on the table are playing. Look at their stats on your hud you have bought or will be buying. Make notes on players. Get into their heads.

Your Work/Plaing Area Should Have a Positive Affect on you and be a Good Environment:

Measures that will help create the ideal environment for the good quality of play includes refreshment (cold drinks and snacks), playing of music in the background and anything that will lift your vibe as an online poker player. Having an ideal stress free positive environment will yield positive results. Put up pictures of big piles of cash, winning hands and pro players etc. Things to strive for and get you in a winning mindset.

Utilize software to your advantage:

Although some players are totally against using software while playing the game, it is a fair game if the site’s service terms allows it. Software greatly helps one in becoming a better player and great players often use this to their advantage so to dismiss from the use of these software programs is a missed opportunity for self-improvement. Especially if others are using them against you and they do not cost much at all. I will be writing about these in the future as well.

Use Poker Software Tools for Texas Online Holdem Poker Play

By using the software through a feature like “Note-taking function” already present on diverse poker sites is the best place to start with now as a beginner or perhaps you  have been playing for a while and want to kick things up heading towards professional levels

Start note taking, For instance, a live player will take a mental note of something like “to over-value the strength of holding top-pair” which his opponent does on the table at his local casino but the beauty of online poker makes it possible for a mental note, such as “to over-values top pair hands” to be directly recorded and remain with that particular opponent attached to his name forever. Plays low pair over aggressively, goes all in with any pair 88 or above, etc etc.

Color code poker players quickly on the fly if notes are not your thing

Another major feature in diverse poker site is the ability to code players with colors. With this, the relative strength of your opponent can be color coded based on your developed color coding system. For instance, if a player had determined to play a sit ’n go with two opponents based on the discovery of their strength, it will be easy for him to play such with the players each time he faces them because of the color codes he gave them.

You can find these players easily in the sit n go and tournament and cash game listings. Look for tables with weak colored codes on them. Then you will know where the fish are playing, better yet once you have a lot of players coded you can then see where groups of good and bad players may be playing so as to you wanting to join or avoid the table with those coded players on it.

Poker Online Best Texas Holdem Poker Hand Ace Ace

Poker Hands Rankings Best 2 Whole Cards in Texas Holdem 


What to Look for In Online Poker Sites

Looking for a Poker Site Online that takes PayPal? Find Listings Below of Poker Sites with PayPal and Other Deposit Methods Including some with Bit coin.

There are several poker room sites out there which may not be advisable to play on. Some are small and shady that do not pay out. Some also do not have many players on them or very good games and tournaments.

My listings consists of the  upper echelon of online pokers rooms that are guaranteed for quality of software, security of sign-up process, lots of deposit options, speedy withdrawals and good bonuses and player freerolls, as well as having players with the possession of usually just average skills in the game.

For instance Poker Stars is not on the list as it is THICK with PROFESSIONAL players looking to suck you dry with every piece of software and tracking information available on the internet on you. These players will play corresponding offsetting styles to your own and take you down hard. So Play there only once your a pro too or your bankroll will suffer. These are better softer sites to play for now.


Best Online Poker Sites For Real Money 

Downloading the Software for all of these sites is free to do and most if not all offer both free poker play and real money the choice is yours all you have to do is choose the real money or play money option from the lobby of any of these online Poker Sites. Some country restrictions apply per site.

Online Poker Real Money Free Bonus

This room was previously known as Pacific Poker. It is the second largest online poker site and has many games options to choose from. Greatly known for soft Hold’em games, many players find themselves here for good bonuses and value packed tables top notch freerolls and bonus tournaments and monthly specials.

Its upgraded software offers players more than 100 features and that includes improved search functions, excellent graphics, and multi-tabling options. Great site worldwide except for AU and USA are restricted.

Apart from 888Poker’s possession of innovative software, it is run many tournaments with good structures and several freerolls for players to build their bankrolls from scratch. An Outstanding and Definite must to Join.


PartyPoker: Though surpassed by Poker Stars to claim the largest site in the poker industry as an after effect of the U.S legislation against online poker, PartyPoker still maintains a great player base in tournaments and cash games; competitive promotions and good loyalty programs. It is a fun site with achievements you can earn real cash by completing and they add a good deal to your bank roll.

PartyPoker’s innovative software has lot of features, such as a fast seat feature, qualitative crisper graphics, enhanced multi-tabling options, a preview of live action and many others. AU, US restricted.

There is also games variation such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, Seven-Card Stud and Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo. It also offers variety of promotions and loyalty programs and Casino Games on the Side.


William Hill Rock Hard poker here with a solid reputation, it is the oldest and biggest online poker company in the U.K. and William Hill Poker is a part of iPoker network, and has a massive record of $16 million in prize money every month on the network. That’s huge. If this is available in your country join it too and play its specials.

It has a good software that is stable and functional. Though the graphics are not among the ultimate best in the world, yet most players find it satisfies their playing needs. The games are generally considered fairly loose, with a relative high influx of new players into the network quite often. Another available feature is multi-currency deposit and play. Definitely Consider joining this site if available to you.

The offered games are Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, Seven-Card Stud, Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo and Five-Card Stud. It also offers promotions and good loyalty programs. EU UK poker.


Bodog: Excellent Site for Canadians and Europeans looking for Exciting Poker action with lots of tournaments to keep you busy around the clock. It has $2 Million in Weekly Guarantees for poker gaming online with nightly major tournaments turbo tournaments and a $100k guaranteed tournament online each Sunday. They also have mobile phone access to games and a series of monthly freerolls and poker points you can accumulate and turn into tournament tickets or sports bonuses.

This site has a bitcoin deposit and withdraw feature to go along with it and they offer online poker with a 100% match bonus up to $1000 dollars. Sign up and Play at Bodog and you will have made another good choice for your online poker play. Bodog, Bovada Poker Canada, US, and Latam Countries.


Betfair Poker: The owners of the online poker room is Sporting Exchange Ltd, the largest sports exchange in the world. Founded in May of 1999 it has reliable quality software and  Betfair Poker has a solid and active player base. The game play has an overall good rating, availability of player notes and easy usability which makes it one of the large stable reliable poker clients in the world.

It does however have a downside of very little action on its site if it isn’t prime time in Europe. Betfair Poker is part of iPoker Network. For European Players. So late nights in Europe might be a bit slow. Switch your play over to Triple 8 Poker as they are world wide.

It offers a robust poker client that includes No-Limit Hold’em and Pot-Limit Omaha and other special ones like Chinese Poker and Big2. Finding a site that offers Chinese Poker is very rare.


Full Tilt:(CLOSED) It was launched in 2004 but was crashed down on the black Friday of 2011. Its inability to pay back its players gave grounds for PokerStars to buy the site and pay back all the owed players.

Fortunately, the site has grown to be one of the biggest online poker rooms. Some of its key features include variety of tournaments, superb software considered to be best by many and also choice of loyalty scheme. The site offers several and unusual games such as Rush poker, Adrenaline Rush, Sit and Go Jackpots, etc. there are offers of bonuses and loyalty programs.  CLOSED Part of PokerStars Now

Online Poker Australia Real Money 2 Top Sites

Ignition Poker Online Poker at Ignition caters to players in the AU and US. Players from both these countries can enjoy multiple deposit and withdrawal methods including usi ng the popular crypto currency known as Bitcoin.

Anyone sitting on a pile of bitcoins and looking to play online poker in Australia can put them to work playing poker at Ignition poker tables and online casino games for table games, slots, pokies, and many more online variations of your favorite games online.

Games are fair, fun, and best of all online poker is available to Australian players and Americans for real money here still. There are some exceptions for a few odd  states in the US however, such as Delaware and  New Jersey that have their own legislated poker rooms on offer online. The real plus with Ignition is online poker Australia real money loving players can still play here free and for cash despite having had all the other large sites taken away from them.

Online Poker USA Popular Site for Cash 

BetOnline Poker Games: BetOnline Offers a New Player 5k Monthly Freeroll to get you started. Visa Mastercard Skrill and Netteller to Deposit with. 100 per cent match bonus, send them an email tell them how much you deposited and they match it 100 per cent in 5 dollar increments as you go. They have a sit n go challenge leader board each week with 5k prize money up for grabs.

BetOnline Poker also offers a leaderboard challenge for its mtt tournaments and its cash players. Everyone wins regardless of what their favorite games are.They also have a bad beat jackpot worth 100k plus. This poker site offers quite a lot and should be on your list of winners if available in your country. I suggest you sign up to this poker room as it is pretty decent. That and the fact US AU players have limited choices to choose from.


UK/EU Favorite Online Poker Site

Tiger Gaming Poker: though not established as the major sites but it offers a remarkable poker experience. It runs on the small but advancing network of Chico Poker. Tiger Gaming poker runs lucrative promotions instead of giving percentage based sums returned as rake on games played or number of participants and fixed prize pool, unlike its competitors.

The software is excellent and withdrawals are smooth. Tiger Gaming’s soft tables, special promos, and unique games covers for its downside which is their gaming software can sometimes be slow and unreliable. Although it has its many good points its Not recommended when there are many others to choose from. There is nothing worse than a game being slow and unreliable when money is at stake so that kills the deal in my books.


PokerStars: Obviously the largest poker site, it provides massive selection of cash games and tournaments 24/7. Its software is a state-of-the-art that offers prompt play, multi-tabling options, high dependability and lot of customization you can think of. It has a downside of inconsistent competition and fierce opponents should you veer into a wrong game which is most of them.

There are also obscure poker variations such as Texas Hold’em, H.O.R.S.E, 2-7 Triple Draw, 2-7 Single Draw Lowball, all versions of Omaha and Seven-Card Stud, Badugi, and several others.

It offers up to $600 first deposit bonus at 100% match for all new players. Stay away from here for now there are better sites with better free rolls and softer play where you wont get eaten alive. Stars is Full of Sharks with all kinds of poker software running against you with your stats in front of them. Lots of Professionals on Here.

So make sure you go and sign up at 888, betonline and party if you haven’t yet already. Take advantage of the awesome games, nicely colored and crafted looking rooms that are fun to play and win in. Take advantage of softer play here to get going. If your a complete newb to online poker and poker in general than we suggest 888 first of all because they have beginners tables for you to play at as low as .01 .02 small and big blinds, and up. Also you should just play for free. Like a video game.


Best Poker Players Online Top Ten Winners

Gone are the days when poker players have to drive for hours to reach their favorite casinos and have to pay large buy in prices to play in one of the respected casinos or events. The wave of internet didn’t leave poker industry untouched.

Prestigious poker tournaments like WSOP started expanding their horizons and getting more people on board to play in these tournaments by introducing satellite events and taking poker online. While in the beginning, the online poker tournaments were limited to free or lower buy in events, eventually with growing popularity, online poker sites started higher buy in and stakes games online.

Today, it is not uncommon to see poker players making it big just by playing in these online poker rooms like 888 Poker, Bet Online Poker, Full Tilt Poker and Party Poker. Look at these top online poker players who made it big in online tournaments.


Patrick Antonius

Patrick Antonius is born in Finland and is also known by his screen name, FinddaGrind. He used to be a professional tennis player and a model before making his breakthrough in poker in 2005. He was trained in poker by Marcel Luske.

Antonius had 6 top 15 finishes in major live tournaments of 2005 but so far his achievements in Live Poker are limited. However, he made quite a name for himself in the online poker world and is the biggest online winner in Poker.

He is famous and respected both in the online poker rooms and live tournaments. Antonius and Viktor Blom played the biggest online game of pot limit Omaha with the pot worth of $1,300,000; Antonius won that game and sealed his name as the biggest winner in online poker.


Daniel Cates

Daniel Cates or Dan Cates, also known by his screen names jungleman12 or w00ki3z is a professional poker player from Bowie, Maryland, US who began playing poker at the age of 17. Cates became a self made millionaire by the time he turned 21 by playing online poker on Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars.

His first big online poker victory came in 2010 when he won over $5,000,000 on Full Tilt Poker. Not only in 2010, Cates was the biggest online poker winner for the year in 2014 as well. As of today, Cates yearly earning is over $15,000,000 only by participating and winning the tournaments in various online poker rooms.


Viktor Blom

Viktor Blom, or Isildur1, is a Swedish player who rose to fame in the online poker world in 2009. He started playing poker at the age of 14 and started participating in online poker rooms by 17.

Blom participated in the 10 biggest online games of 2009 alongside poker legends like Phil Ivey, Tom Dwan and Patrik Antonius. He won almost $6 million in two months on Full Tilt Poker before losing $2 million in a month.

Blom was signed by PokerStars in 2010 and remained with them till 2012 shortly before signing up with Full Tilt Poker.


Tom Dwan

Thomas Dwan Jr., also known by his screen name Durrrr, was born and raised in Edison, New Jersey. Dwan started playing poker when he was just 17, since then poker contributed to a major portion of Dwan’s wealth, making him the millionaire poker player.

He started his journey by participating in SnGs (Sit and Go events) on Full Tilt Poker, after earning sufficient money to purchase buy in for other games, he started participating in cash games and later moved on to heads up games.

Dwan’s came to light in 2007 when he started playing in the high stakes games on Full Tilt Poker and earned more than $312,000 at the age of 20! Later, in 2008, Dwan also won $5.41 million playing high stakes poker games on Full Tilt Poker, cementing his position as the most feared poker professional in the world.


Phil Ivey

Phil Dennis Ivey Jr., or Phil Ivey is considered to be the best poker player in the world. He is also called the Tiger Woods of Poker. Ivey is the only player in the world of poker who was successful not only in the live tournaments but also in the online poker world. Ivey was the part of the original Full Tilt Poker team., a site that ranks the best online poker players, reported that Ivey won $1.99 million in 2007, $7.34 million in 2008 $6.33 million in 2009 $3 million in 2010 and $19.24 million in 2011 on Full Tilt Poker before it stopped accepting US players. Ivey also has 10 WSOP bracelets and 1 WPT bracelet.


Ben Sulsky

Ben Sulsky, also known by his screen names Sauce 123 and Sauce1234, was born in New Hampshire and is considered to be the best No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha player in the world.

In just a year of participating in online poker tournaments, Sulsky crossed the $1 Million mark. Sulsky became so popular in the online world that many players refused to play against him.

Once, he was mainly active in the online poker world and become an online cash game specialist, now he is also active in the live tournaments circuit. Presently he is training poker players and making poker strategy videos on Phil Galfond’s website


Phil Galfond

Phil Galfond is a well known name in the online poker circuit, both for Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars. Galfond was born in Maryland, USA and is play under his screen names OMGClayAiken on Full Tilt Poker and Mr Sweets28 on PokerStars.

He is among the most successful online poker player and has won over $10 Millions in online poker wins, from Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars. Presently, Phil Galfond is running a poker teaching and instructing website called and regularly update strategy videos on his website.


Hac Dang and Di Dang

Hac and Di are part of the duo Dang brothers who become self made millionaires and generated massive bankroll through online poker. Hac goes by the name Trex313 while Di Dang played under the alias Urindanger on Full Tilt Poker. The brothers started playing poker back when they were in college and realized the potential of the game.

They soon started participating in cash games in online poker rooms and rose to fame. Both the Dang brothers have made more than $7 million on Full Tilt Poker as of 2014. Di is now a restaurant owner but Hac continues to play online poker and also contributes to Phil Galfond’s site RunItOnce.


Benjamin Tollerene

Ben Tollerene is among the big names in the online poker world and he specialized in No Limit Hold’em before beginning Pot Limit Omaha. Today Ben is among the greatest and the most successful player of PLO. He played under the aliases of Ben86 on PokerStars and Bttech86 on Full Tilt Poker and won about $5 million by playing high stakes games online. After Full Tilt Poker was closed to American players, Tollerene moved to Vancouver to continue playing online poker.


Jens Kyllonen

Jens Kyllonen, also known by his screen name Jeans89, is another Finnish player who made it big in the online poker world. HighStakesDB, a site that ranks poker players, has ranked Jens 9th on its list of biggest pokers winners. At just the age of 25, Jeans amassed his online earnings over $2 million.

Jens was also awarded Finland’s best poker player two years in a row in 2012 and 2013. He later started instructing on Galfond’s website, like many other successful online players on the list.


Online Poker Top 10 Special Mention – Marat Sharafutdinov

Marat Sharafutdinov or better known as Maratik took the online poker world by storm when he won the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP).

He was also the first Russian to do so. Maratik was a taxi driver and didn’t have enough bankroll to participate in events like WCOOP. He entered the WCOOP satellite through the 40 Frequent Playing Points (FPPs) and eventually won his seat in the event.

Maratik finally made it to the final table but wasn’t sure if he could win and said, “I won’t Million” during the final table. Little did he know that he would go on to win the championship and more than a million! His overnight success story is an inspiration to new players in the online world and his words the tagline.


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Everyone wants to find that perfect, miraculous get-rich-quick scheme that actually works. However, as anyone who has taken the initiative to find it has realized, no one is willing to do your homework for you and the perfect or ideal option doesn’t really exist. However, there are always ways of scrounging up some extra cash; some of these options, believe it or not, can actually be enjoyable to partake in.

Is Online Poker a Get Rich Quick Scheme or is it Possible?

Online poker is one of these options. It is by no means a ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme, but the potential for profit, very small or very significant, most certainly exists.

If one is willing to place his or her wallet on the line, it is quite possible for anyone to make a profit or lose it all- a low income single mother and a rich business tycoon have exactly the same odds. This is part of what makes gambling in any form so appealing, and one of the largest and most widely sought mediums for this to take place is in video poker.

Gambling in the United States has significant restrictions by most states (excluding Nevada and Louisiana), but despite common belief, it is not illegal on the federal level. Also, even within certain states where most forms of gambling are outlawed, native American reservations have different laws pertaining to them which include a bypass to these rules.

This is why many native groups have seized the opportunity to monetize this loophole by opening casinos on their land and allowing poker players far and wide to come by and test their luck (and skill) in this betting game.

Online Poker is Not for Everyone but You Can Get Good

Playing poker is not for everyone, but many people shy away from it simply because they believe that the game is too difficult or too intimidating. In fact, anyone can learn to play poker online through the vast plethora of free instructional videos and articles that exist. All it takes is a day or two of studying and research (and some practice!) and you’ll be ready to test your luck with your first online poker hand.

Play Poker In Moderation

Do be cautioned: no one would suggest that anyone bets his or her life savings on a game of poker. If you can’t afford to lose, don’t take the bet! However, there’s nothing wrong with playing a few games and taking a few bets. If you lose, at least you had a good time doing it. If you win, even better! There’s nothing sweeter than having fun while making a few dollars on the side. As previously stated, anyone can do it.

Watch Out for Scam Sites

On the topic of caution, it is of vital importance to find a trusted site through which to partake in video poker or online poker games. Sadly, a vast majority of the sites on the internet today that claim to be ‘trusted’ and ‘safe’ are actually scams. Not only will they steal your bet with no real possibility of return on the investment, but some will even dox your information and attempt to hack into your bank or PayPal account.

Use Only Big Well Known Large Trusted Poker

Don’t let this discourage you however; this is common in almost any industry (especially online) where money is involved. There are plenty of integral and trustworthy hosts that will offer a real chance of satisfying returns.

Make sure to only bet on Big Nationally Regulated Poker Sites that have Audits done regularly on their software and games. Sites that are Audited and use professional random card generators are great to play in. A lot of these bigger companies also are listed publicly on one or more stock exchanges so they have a global interest in providing the most professional, honest and safest games possible to their clientele. Stick to the large recommended and audited sites as we listed above. These have been around for awhile for good reason.

No matter what your financial situation or background; no matter your level of experience or personal moral views, online poker and other forms of gambling can be a fun and exciting way of making some side money and putting your skills to the test. Anyone can do it,

Good luck and good gambling.

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