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Live Casino Tournament Top 10 Poker Player Wins Examined.


Live Casino Texas Holdem Poker Tournaments

Live Casino Top Tournment Wins with Texas Holdem Tournaments Making People Filthy Rich

Live Casino Top Tournament Wins: Nothing can match the excitement, nervousness and enthusiasm of a live casino poker tournament.  Apparently, the best poker players of the world sweating it out together and competing under the same roof is bound to make any poker player excited.

The tension and stress levels in a live casino poker match cannot be found in any other game and when you’re competing with the best poker players around the world for money stakes that could change the course of your life, excitement is bound to be at its peak.

Here, we bring you a list of the ten biggest live casino poker wins of all time. Some of these wins changed the lives of the winners and some of these wins altered the course of live and online poker altogether. Without all the babble and wasting time, let’s get on with the list!


Top 10 Live Casino Poker Winner Antonio Esfandiari

Live Casino Poker Player Antonio Esfandiari (earlier Amir Esfandiari) was born in Tehran, Iran and later moved to California, USA with his family when he was 9. Antonio was a professional magician and later started playing poker when he was invited to a game of Texas Hold’em.

Antonio won the $1 million buy in Big One for One Drop event in the WSOP 2012 and received $18,346,673 in prize money, so far the highest prize money ever awarded in poker. Antonio is quite active in live poker circuits and has won 3 WSOP bracelets and 2 WPT titles. He also wrote a book on poker strategy called “The Magician’s Secret for Winning Tournaments”.


Top 10 Live Casino Poker Tournament Player Daniel Colman


Daniel Colman was born in Massachusetts, USA and started playing poker at 20. Within a year, he became active in online poker rooms and within months won his first million by playing hyper turbo tournaments. He became the biggest winner in the live poker tournament arena by winning the $1,000,000 buy in Big One for One Drop event in the 2014 WSOP.

He received $15,306,668 in prize money, the second largest prize amount awarded in poker history at just the age of 24! He is mainly an online poker player and the 2014 WSOP bracelet has so far been his only big win in live poker.


Daniel Negreanu on the List of Top 10 Live Casino Poker Wins

Daniel Negreanu was born in Ontario, Canada and started playing poker at the age of 15. He has accumulated over $32 million, making him the biggest live tournament player of all time. So far, his biggest live poker win was the 2014 $1 million buy in Big One for One Drop in which he was defeated by Dan Colman to a second place finish earning over $8 million as prize money.

Negreanu has 6 WSOP gold bracelets and 2 WPT titles to his name. He is the only player to have won the WSOP Player of The Year title more than once and the first player to win a bracelet in all the variations of the WSOP – The WSOP, The WSOPE (Europe), and The WSOP-APAC (Asia Pacific).

He was included in the Poker Hall of Fame in the year 2014.

Casinoisy Online Casino Games

Casinoisy Online Casino Games

Elton Tsang Top 10 Big Poker Live Tournament Casino Winner

Elton Tsang is a Chinese Poker player residing in Hong Kong, China. He is the Champion of the Asian Poker King Tournament and was invited to participate in $1 million buy in One Drop Extravaganza held at Monte Carlo Casino.

He smashed 25 other players to win the title and received over $12 million in prize money. It is the third highest payout in poker history. Apart from this major win at Monte Carlo, Tsang doesn’t have any big WSOP or WPT wins to his name but he finished in the money cashing in some of the tournaments. Of course we all know its harder to win with 5 000 plus players than just 25!


Jaime Gold Makes Top 10 Poker Live Casino Tournament Win List

Jamie Gold was born in Missouri, USA and started participating in regular poker events after age 35. Gold worked in the Entertainment Industry and his interests in poker became prominent after working with Chris Moneymaker and Johnny Chan during a TV show.

He got his biggest win in Live Casino Poker when he won the WSOP 2006 Main Event and received over $12 million in prize money. The 2006 WSOP gold bracelet win has so far been Gold’s only win in any major tournament. He runs an Entertainment company, Buzznation and participates in major high stakes tournaments.


Martin Jacobson a Top 10 Live Casino Poker Winner

Martin Jacobson was born in Stockholm, Sweden and participated in his first cash game when he was 21. He made the highest winning record in the WSOP 2014 by winning the $10,000 buy in Main Event of the WSOP that year.

He received $10 million dollars in Prize money and is among the small handful of poker players who have won $10 million or more from a single event. He is among the best poker players in Sweden and was named “Player of the Year” by Poker.ce, Sweden’s no. 1 poker publication in 2015.

Jacobson has made it to the final tables in 4 of the WSOP and EPT tournaments and 2 of the WPT Main Events but has only won one WSOP gold bracelet, in the 2014 Main Event.


Peter Eastgate Makes List of Big Live Casino Tournament Wins

Peter Eastgate was born in Odense, Denmark and became the youngest poker player, at 22, to have won a WSOP gold bracelet in 2008 before he was replaced by Joseph Cada in WSOP 2009.

Eastgate defeated over 6,500 participants from all over the world to win the $10,000 buy in Main Event at WSOP 2008 in Las Vegas.

He received over $9 million in prize money. Before his 2008 WSOP win, Eastgate has only participated in 2 other live poker events- an EPT event and an Irish Poker Open and finished by at least cashing in both of them. However his 2008 WSOP win has so far been his only major win.

Jonathan Duhamel  on list of Top 10 Live Casino Poker Wins

Another Great Poker Player Making his name on the List

Jonathan Duhamel is from Quebec, Canada and was the first Canadian player to win a WSOP gold bracelet. The biggest win of his poker career came in 2010 when he won the 2010 WSOP $10,000 buy in Main Event.

Duhamel defeated over 7,000 poker players to win the WSOP tournament gold bracelet and received over $8 million in prize money, of which he donated about $100,000 to a NGO in Quebec.

He is also the sixth ranked player in the world according to Global Poker Index (GPI). Duhamel has a successful poker career with 3 WSOP gold bracelets, and 26 WSOP, 3 WPT and 3 EPT cash finishes.


Pius Heinz Started Big In Online Poker then Live Casino Poker 

Made the Top 10 Live Casino Tournament Poker List for winning the WSOP 2010 Main Event

Pius Heinz is a German poker player and was born in Odendorf, Germany. He is also the first German player to have won a WSOP gold bracelet.

He started his poker career by participating in online poker rooms and made over $700,000 online. His biggest live casino poker win was in 2011, when he smashed through 6,856 poker players to win the WSOP 2011 Main Event.

He received $8,715,638 as prize money. He also promoted online poker and was the original member of the team PokerStars.


Qui Nguyen Live Casino Poker Player and Big Winner

Qui Nguyen was born in Vietnam and moved to California, USA when he was 24. Nguyen began playing poker at the age of 26 and later moved to Las Vegas. His biggest live poker win was in 2016; when he went on to defeat over 6,000 entrants in the $10,000 buy in No Limit Hold’em event.

Nguyen won his way into the WSOP through a satellite event and surprisingly had no major poker achievements prior to this big win in 2016. He became an overnight millionaire, winning over $8 million as prize money for the WSOP 2016 Main Event.

His autobiography “From Vietnam to Vegas! How I won the World Series of Poker Main Event” is going to be published this year going in to details about his life prior to the big win and explaining his key hands that got him the WSOP gold bracelet.


Special Mention:

Chris Moneymaker Live Casino Online Player

Born in Atlanta, Georgia to German parents, who modified their surname from “Nurmacher” to “Moneymaker”, after moving to the States, Chris Moneymaker became the player who altered the course of poker.

His first and biggest live win- the WSOP 2003 Main Event, changed the course of poker and made it popular overnight. So far, his 2003 win is considered to be the greatest win that changed poker forever, and this effect is popularly now called “The Moneymaker Effect”

Moneymaker smashed through over 800 tournament Main Event entrants that year and claimed the gold bracelet along with $2.5 million in prize money.

He was little known before the event and was the first amateur to have won that big of a Live Casino Poker Tournament.

He released his autobiography in 2005 titled, “Moneymaker: How an amateur poker player turned $40 into $2.5 million at the World Series of Poker” that was an instant hit. He also inspired many novels and documentaries that wanted to capture his rise to fame for the ordinary poker enthusiasts of the world.

Good Luck and Maybe Your Name will Be Next on My List of Big Winners!


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