Libratus AI Poker Bot Crushes Human Poker Players

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Sending Humans Down the Toilet was Libratus, AI Poker Champ

Libratus Poker Bot An AI Computer Recently Busted out Online Poker Pro Human Players Heads up and Winning in Poker Tournament Action One on One (IMMEDIATE MUST READ) for online Poker Players


Libratus AI Poker Bot Wins Poker Tournament Beating Pro Players

Libratus Computer Wins Poker Tournament Beating Pro Online Players Photo Copyright:>ocusfocus

Poker Tournament won by AI Super Computer Libratus. Are Humans Headed to the Toilet and getting flushed away when it comes to Advancement vs Machines? Feelings Will be hurt yet again in human kinds battle against the virtual minds of computers in yet another sport to fall.


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Libratus the Super Computer that wins Poker Tournaments

They even gave the Poker money stealing machine a name!


Its called Libratus. Is that name because it takes your money freely from you in removing your poker chips and cash from you easily? Yup It appears so….Libratus from its roots in Latin means to free, and in this case free us of our money.

What does this mean for poker when a super computer wins poker tournaments vs humans? Are we going to have to worry about bots in the future playing us online to take all our money in cash games?

How will we protect our online play against these super computer machines and bot technology once it becomes available mainstream?

Well for now I do not think we have to worry, although the way tech jumps forward in leaps and bounds you just do not know how long we will be safe from these super computer bots.

The Good News is that this ai poker bot super computer was only able to win in heads up poker, and for now if your worried or may feel the need to be worried in the future, just avoid heads up poker as much as you can.

A Suggestion: You could stop playing heads up poker tournament games and forget all about ai super computer poker playing money stealing bots. 🙂  Just play tournaments, cash games and sit n goes. I never did like heads up poker myself anyway.


How did AI super computer win the poker tournaments Against Pro Online Poker Players?

  • It used adaptation and changed its strategy as it went along
  • Libratus analyzed the poker players individual styles
  • It uses 28 Cores on 600 nodes
  • It fixes its own holes in its strategy when players find them


Who did the Poker Bot Libratus win the poker tournaments against?

Poker Players sent to the rail by AI Computer Poker Bot were:

  • 4 Players including these two in the video
  • Don Kim Playing Professionally for 8 years
  • Jason Les Playing poker for approx 13 years
  • Also playing were McAulay and Chou
  • Previously both Les and Kim had played and beaten another AI called Claudico a few years back so they have credibility


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What did the Professional Online Human Poker Players do in the Poker Tournament Heads up against Libratus?

  • Played 30,000 hands over 200 hours in 20 days in a row
  • Tried a 3 bet strategy when they thought they found a hole in the bots play but it failed to work
  • Tried reraising every bet
  • Played exhaustively until finally admitting defeat decisively on the side of the ai super computer in the heads up poker tournament
  • Libratus won by more than 1.56 million virtual chips


Did Pro Poker Players waste time and get it all wrong against the Computer Poker Pro Libratus?

They Played the Poker Tournament at Pittsburgh’s Rivers Casino for the showdown and although they tried different strategy, perhaps they wasted opportunities with these betting strategies.

Maybe these poker player professionals should have done something different every hand like Libratus was doing. Mixing up play continuously instead of pounding on perceived weak holes. Who knows. Perhaps that all they could do out of frustration with the ai super computer beating them down continuously.


Poker Players Getting it wrong without Poker Software to Guide Them

Playing Online Poker Without HUD Software Against Libratus Bot

Playing Online Poker Without HUD Software Copyright:

Humans Vs. Super Computers playing Poker Tournaments now decided with Win by Libratus.

Where do we go from here?

For one thing it proves that if you play online you better have a hud program of some kind or you are at a big disadvantage.

Why do you need a Poker HUD? (Heads up Display)

Because these tournament poker players playing against Libratus were adaptive and winning online poker players and always used huds to win online themselves against other players.

They noticed a big hole in their abilities when they did not have a hud against Libratus to help guide them like they were used to using against other human players.

Yet Libratus is one giant poker player HUD in of itself. It analyzed its own play and found its own holes as well as collecting stats and information on the human Poker players it played against.


Winning Online Poker Players Use HUDS for Playing Online Poker

Therefore Huds offer an unfair advantage to those that have and use them vs. those that do not. If you play poker online you may have one already. If you don’t, get one now or don’t start crying once people sit down at your table to exploit your stats and playing style against you AND bleeding you dry.

Next time you go to reload cash in your poker account think about What I Just Said. Maybe part of that deposit should go to some HUD Software and HUD Add Ons for your game type. Be the Shark NOT the Fish!


Sharks use PokerTracker Software HUDS

Use Poker Software Online to win Poker like Libratus

Man Playing Cards Online Winning With Poker Software Copyright:

Get a Poker Hud or Get Out of Online Poker.

Just play Live or Free Rolls Online Instead because you are at a big disadvantage. Especially so in the shark filled waters of sites like Poker Stars. Get Poker Tracker 4 and start using it to win, then add on to it for your niche, like sit n goes, tournaments, cash games… Do it seriously.

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Get a Poker Trakcr HUD display Free Trial and up your game. Or Choose Holdem Manager Poker Tracker Hud Free Trial or Try both for 30 days free, they both do the same thing, only you may like one interface better than the other. As Libratus shows computer software analyzing play is the way to get a jump on your opponents like this computer did against the non software using human opponents. We like em both, Poker Tracker and Holdem Manager. The Poker Hand Man picks Poker Tracker 4 but you may also be able to beat him using Holdem Manager, but you wont beat him or anyone else consistently and profitably without one of them.

Although we may be okay in online poker vs machines for now if you are however getting the least bit nervous about Libratus and Poker Bots like it, and do not want to invest the small amount required for a HUD, then Switch to Live Poker Tournaments.  Find the Best here at the WSOP and the WPT or play at your local casino. Or again like mentioned before, if serious about Online Poker get a HUD!

Pokerhands recommends if you don’t listen to any thing else we say on the site at least listen to this. Remember that the next time you wonder why you are getting raised and bet off of hands, losing hands on turn and river cards, and not getting max value from your monster hands, its probably because your opponent is like Libratus and knows all about your play from a PokerTracker Hud. Don’t you think you should know about theirs also?

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