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Blackjack is the most popular of the casino table games and played by millions world wide online and in Bricks and Mortar casinos. You do not play against other players like in holdem you play against the house dealer.

Blackjack Card Games use to be played solely with one deck in the old days but now a days several decks are shuffled, cut, mixed up, and then you cut the cards and into a shoe they go.

What is a shoe? Just the term for the card holder the dealer swipes cards from. You can still find one deck games but they are rare and hard to find but have better odds. Last place I played with one deck against the house was in Reno Nevada.

Your mission is to beat the house dealer on each hand of 21. Of course you wont win them all but yo do want to win more than you lose to go home a winner!  Ways to beat the house dealer include preventing the dealer from getting a blackjack and having to stand on 17 when you have 17 for a tie, or 18 19 20 or a blackjack 21 hand.

Of course getting a natural is the best way to win but that is totally out of your control and up to what the shoe brings you. A natural is 21 right off the deal and bingo you get paid. Get your card count between 18 and 21 and try to beat the dealer drawing to 17 plus and having to stand on a soft 17 while hopefully you have 18 19 20. Or better yet bust dealer bust!


Blackjack Basic Strategy and Rules to play this 21 Card Game

You play this casino card game on tables specifically designed for this 21 card game to handle up to eight players all playing at one time against a single house dealer.

The house dealer is in charge of all facets of the game of blackjack, shuffling, making change, reminding you to place your bets. Casinos hire smart guys and gals good at handling cards and chip counts to deal out your fun and action to each hand.

All you have to do is be ready when its your turn, and hit, stand, or double down or split pairs. Try to get yourself a basic strategy and rule of thumb when to hit and stand, double down etc. The casinos some times hand out cheat sheets to help guide players in not only black jack but many other table games as well.

Do not expect elaborate strategies to be given to you to help beat down the house. These will be be very general in nature. Card counting is the only real heavy duty casino busting strategy like the kids in the movie 21


Blackjack Casino 21 Card Game Rules

The Rules to Blackjack Betting in this card game are straight forward.

Everyone who wants to play the next hand of blackjack at the table will put a bet amount of their choosing into the bet position on the felt table. This bet can be anywhere from the house minimum to maximum bet allowed. If a Table is listed at 25 -500 then you know 25 is the minimum and 500 is the max bet you can play. Put any amount in increments from 25 to 500 and your ready to go.

The first person at the table then is in control of making the first decisions and the rest of the players then follow behind one by one making their decisions with the last player to act sometimes having a decision to make that may be unpopular with the other players.

This is why its often not good to play with a high roller covering multiple betting spots on the table himself. He doesn’t want you playing behind him and making a hit or stand call that could adversely affect several of his hands.

No Problem though because we will just go find a friendly table to play at, or an early position so people can be mad at someone else, or to hell with it. We will just stay home and play online on the big screen TV with the music cranked.

Dealing the 21 Card Game hands Out

Once all the players have put their bets in place, the dealer then deals a card face up to the players seated at the table in a clockwise fashion from his or her left side and then finishes by giving themselves (the house) a card to them self. Normally all cards are dealt face up with the exception being that one of the two dealers cards are dealt face down, this is the hole card in Blackjack.

When Its Your Turn to Play your Black Jack 21 card Game Hand

After cards have been dealt, each of the players then choose what action to take next, starting at the dealer’s left moving in the same direction as the cards were dealt. Every person playing has to choose from up to four options

Hit (dealer gives another card),

Stand (stay pat, take no more cards, also called stay),

Double Down (This is were you elect an option to double your original bet when you get a favorable card to do so. You then receive only one more card from the house dealer and that is it your turn of blackjack that hand is done.

Split (if the first two cards dealt to a player are of identical value, like 10 10, JJ, QQ, etc the players then can opt to split the cards into 2 separate hands to play.

Some casinos also offer an additional choice to Surrender your hand, which is only an option at the beginning of your turn. When you surrender you lose and forfeit half the wagered amount to the house.

If your dealt poor cards and feel the dealer has good cards then cutting your potential loss by 50% may be a good play. So you keep half your bet and the casino keeps half and its on to the next hand when everyone else has played their turn.

Blackjack 21 or Natural Card Hands

If a player has a 10 card and ace card making the count of two cards 21, that is said to be a Blackjack. If one or more players have a Blackjack, the dealer pays the player(s) one and half times their amount of bet. If the dealer has a blackjack, he collects the bets of all players. However, in case of tie that is both the dealer and one of the players have a blackjack, the player’s bet is a stand off.


Game of blackjack 21 concept with rules

Game of blackjack 21 concept with rules ©Kheng Ho Toh/

Dealer’s Turn Last as Per Black Jack Rules 

Once the dealer has dealt hands to each player in the game to the conclusion of them Busting Out, or standing with a hand the house then turns up its down card. If the house has a total card hand value of 17 or more then the house stands. If the house has 16 or less they must draw additional cards until such time as the total reaches 17 or better up to 21 or busting out with 22 or higher.

Insurance Bets For BlackJack 21 Card Games

The house dealer will give you Option for Insurance when the hand the house holds has a face up card of an ace. You can then buy insurance before the dealer checks and reveals his hole card. If the house dealer has blackjack then you have a chance to bet on that or not to win 2 to 1 on your bet cancelling out your loss.

Although enticing, strategists in the game do not recommend you buy insurance as the long term win percentages are against you and will lose money on insurance wagers more than win over time. Why else do think the casino offers it?

The Probabilities for the house getting a blackjack are only 1-3 times therefore you will lose 2-3 times. This is best used as a fun bet when you feel the dealer is due to hit a blackjack when one has not come their way in quite some time.

Kinda like a gut feeling bet every now and then. Also good to make it look like your a noob and not a professional especially if your sitting there counting cards discretely.


Blackjack Basic Strategy 

Your Blackjack basic betting strategy will always depend on what the dealer has dealt themselves as his or her face up card. You should play you hand each round depending upon what the other players were dealt and the cards you have In addition to those of the dealer.

As an example, when the house has a face up card like 10 9 8 7, you would most likely be better off to hit until 17 or more up to 21 is reached in your hand.

But if the dealer has a 6 5 4 facing up you should hit or stand on cards of totals 12 13 14 15 with the strategy of not taking on extra cards if you risk going over 21 and busting your hand and losing your bet when the house still has to play up to  17 and they have a high risk of busting out with these lower starting hand counts.

If you bust the house automatically wins but if you stand and force the house to play especially when you believe a 10 J Q or K is due to hit the board busting the dealer you will win.

Same goes now even more so if you think a 9 trough K is coming when the house holds 13 14 15 16 or in this case your assuming that they have a 10 through K. for a total of 10 plus the 4 5 or 6 up card you see.

Same goes even more so to stand on a really low hand in your position if you think an 8 through K will come with dealers hand at 14 15 16 you now have an 8 9 10 J Q K that will bust the house.

Card counting has been a major way for players to earn big money over the years but of course casinos frown apon this activity and will ban professional card counters from their casinos, and often put these people on lists for all casinos to see. The basic strategy is for them to get in and get out play in small bursts, leave and not get greedy and hop casino to casino.

You better be good at keeping track though because the dealers and pit bosses will often talk to players on a run, or winning streak. Just in case they can throw you off guard or off your mojo so to speak. This happens not only in black jack but all the other table games as well.

When ever I get on a run and lined up with the gambling cosmos of trying to figure out what best to do. Then Bam, change the 21 dealer, and start yapping away to me. Don’t forget the dirty looks too. They are human and don’t realize they are doing it. Thanks for the cooler.

Off to another table it is. If they change the dealer and the table goes cold in blackjack or other games, get up and leave. Your basic blackjack strategy is Don’t sit there handing your money away to some smirking smart ass.

Of course you do not have any of these problems when you play online Blackjack 21. You can count cards to your hearts content because the casino cannot see you unless your playing in a live casino. See if you can beat the house at home online on your computer or on your cell phone playing. Online 21 blackjack play is the way.


Play Blackjack 21 Card Game Online and Get these benefits:

  • Count cards to your hearts content
  • Mark down and keep track of cards that come out
  • No dealer to bother you and talk
  • No pit boss to bother you
  • No chance of having drinks spilled all over you or you blackjack area on the table
  • No expensive high priced drinks to pay for unless your in Vegas or Reno drinking for free
  • No other players around you whining you didn’t take another card to try and bust the dealer so they could have won
  • No sick people coughing on you
  • No tickets and loss of license from drinking and driving
  • No buses or cab fares
  • Play as much or as little as you want at any time day or night
  • Easy to play at home if your tired, or immobile
  • Online casino comps are much higher than in person casinos
  • Eat and drink free at home


History of Blackjack The 21 Card Game

Black jack history is kind of sketchy with not alot well known about it but who really gives a shit really, cmon, really, I wont bore you with crap that has nothing to do with having fun or making money. If you want boring then go read Wikipedia Black jack. There you go knock yourself out, the rest of us will be practicing for free or grabbing free cash offers to play real blackjack with while you bore yourself to death. If anything you want to learn strategy and card counting not history.

Just kidding go check out Wikipedias card chart. Print screen a copy paste to Paint, and save your chart. Learn to Play Like everyone else does and the way the casino wants you to play. Good Luck Blackjack Players!

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